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Mad Hatter Compost Tea | Hydepark Residence
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A couple bought a house in an historic district. They loved the house, but it had no garage. In staying with the aesthetic of the neighborhood they wanted to build a detached carriage house garage. The only problem was that the driveway had to go over the root system of the one mature tree on the lot. Tea to the rescue!

First, we had to get the tree ready for construction. The tree was a bit misshapen from an asphalt pour from a previous owner. We trimmed the tree (a little!) We jump started the soil system with a couple doses of tea. Then we used a system of mats to protect the soil further from compaction during construction. The contractor agreed to smaller equipment and we were off to the races. After construction we used the same mats filled with soil to create a lawn area that can be driven over. It looks like lawn, but can support a fire truck!

The architect matched the carriage house to the residence while making good space for solar panels. The contractor was able to get his work done efficiently. The neighborhood had an enhanced asset as part of the historic aesthetic. And we saved the big beautiful Tulip Tree!