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Mad Hatter Compost Tea | Residential
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Services for residential clients include:
Tea Service Liquid biological amendments brewed, delivered and applied.

Soil Testing and Analysis Testing for organic content, mineral deficiencies and salt build up and a sound, efficient strategy for correcting imbalances.

Mineralization If there is something missing in terms of macro or micro nutrients we can guide you on organic supplements or do it for you.

Organic Management There are 2 kinds of organic management- Organic by design and organic by neglect. Even if you are buying organics, do you understand what too much Calcium does? Does your testing lab assume 70% of the nutrient in your soil won’t get to your plants? If they don’t take soil biology into account their recommendations can cost you a bundle.

Erosion control Live on a slope? If you have bare patches in your lawn or areas that get inundated with stormwater you may already be set up for erosion problems. No amount of gravel, plastic netting or heavy rolls of coir will fix it if you don’t have good biology. It’s fast, it’s easy and we can get it done for you.

Saving special trees Have a tree you really love, but it’s looking stressed? We can help, we can’t always save it long term, but we can help it last a lot longer.

Pre- and Post-Construction Services Planning an addition or all new construction? You aren’t the only one who will be stressed by the construction, you yard will be, too! We can work with your contractor to avoid a lot of problems and get trees and other landscape assets ready for the stress. After construction, you may need to remediate heavily compacted soil before spending lots of money on plants or grass that can’t get their roots past the clay pan! Contractors aren’t trying to be destructive, most likely they were taught soil is soil and have no idea the complexity of the system they are affecting. We can help.

Grass Just Won’t Grow!- It’s OK, we can take care of that and no, you don’t have to replace your soil.